आजमाएं तो जीवन स्वर्ग बन जाए! Anmol Vachan! Heaven! Laxmanmediaa

 आजमाएं तो जीवन स्वर्ग बन जाए! Anmol Vachan!  Heaven!

1. If you respect your parents, then your children will also learn to respect you.

2. If you treat others the same way you like for yourself, if you treat others, your life can be changed to heaven. Put a habit of thinking a little by putting yourself in the place of the person. What would have happened if there was a solution to many serious problems automatically and at the same time relieving unnecessary stress.

3. Let go of the habit of giving unnecessary advice and talking to anyone without asking for anything and in this way. It is futile to hope that any person, whether child or elder, can improve. Nature, satsangati, life of great men and inspirational books of best writers are the real inspiration to improve life.

4. Just as the sweet behavior is seen between the lover-girlfriend before marriage, the lover-loving behavior and sense of understanding of each other is given a place in life after marriage, so the practical life of husband and wife should be really enjoyable. Then where is the place of bitterness and tribulation in married life!

5. 'What you eat' is not as important as digesting the food you eat properly. Therefore, the diet that you cannot digest properly or the foods which do not suit you should be discarded. Similarly, what do you earn? More important than this, you have to spend your income wisely and wisely.

6. Do not be sad by matching or comparing yourself to the growth of others and do not lose consciousness by competing in vain. There is no end to the competition. The nature of jealousy and unhappy seeing others happy causes mental stress and many diseases, whereas the joy of being happy by seeing others happy is nothing less than the happiness of heaven itself.

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