Google News Kya Hai?and its benifits laxmanmedia

Google News Kya Hai?and its benifits

Hello Friends, Today's Tips is for Article Publisher. Those who share articles on the Internet through Blog / Website. In this tips, we will know that Google News Kya Hai? (What is Google News)? And how can we submit our blog / website article to Google News?

Whenever we search on Google Trending, we get to see some news articles of the website. Which Google randomly selects from any website. Whatever website Google selects, their traffic, ranking and earning boost very quickly.

google most relavant article

If you have any technology, news, entertainment, health, finance, sports etc. Related is Blog / website. So we can also bring it into trending through Google News and improve the income & ranking of our blog. But before that we understand what is Google News and its terms & conditions?

Google News Kya Hai?

Google News has a free news generator service, which is operated by google. Google search bots submit the best and trending news out of millions of websites and submit it to Google News.

The first idea of ​​Google News was given by Krishna Bharat and it was launched in 2002. Currently, Google News is available in many languages ​​including Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and here on Tech, Science, Review, Sports, Weather, Health, Entertainment, Business ect. All Lastest Update related to.

The best thing about Google News is that there is no article published by Google Official Writer. Here, articles published by different publisher on Google Search Engine are selected by google algorithm according to their performance and published in news.

google news

We are all publishers and we have to publish our blog-post in Google News update. So let's see how articles are published on the news and what we need to do for this?

Google News For Publishers:
Google News Publisher Center is a web tool, with which we can easily update information from our news source. Like I said, Google does not publish by writing articles by itself. It selects a news article from the relevant sources on the search engine.

So Google created a publisher center so that publishers can give information about news source from here to Google search engine and Google can update them in news. In such a situation, if we are a blogger, then we have the chance that we can submit the article published on our blog to Google News. But there are some policies and conditions for this.

Blog Submit Kaise Kare on Google News?

There are many categories blogs and websites on the Internet. Not all can be submitted to Google News. Google has made some policy for News Publishers. Those whose website / blog follows those policies, they can become Google News publisher.

This is the most important policy for Google News Publishers. Content Policy, we can only update our Blog / Website on Google News. When our content is according to Webmaster Guideline, like ..

Content should be original and should not be copied from any website.
Content should not be on Restricted Topic.
Spam should not be content.
For information from Webmaster Guideline and Detail about content writing, click here.

Google Suitable Content Writing Kaise Kare?
If our website / blog is according to Google Webmaster Guideline. So we can submit our blog on Google News by just following some basic steps.

Step # 1: Authority Verification:

First of all, we have to do Authority Verification or Ownership. Until the Ownership is verified. We cannot apply for Google News.

Ownership verification is nothing else Google Webmaster verification. We have to submit our blog / website to Google Search Console i.e. Webmaster. When the Ownership is Verified, after that we will reach the second step.

Step # 2: Google news Publisher Center:

After Ownership Verification, we are ready to submit our website to Google News, we just have to open the news publisher website. Here we will get to see some such dashboard.

Google news publisher center

In the My Site option given in the dashboard, we have to click on the Request inclusion in News Index Button next to our website URL.

News index

On clicking the button, a form will open in front of us. Every single Detail he asks will tell us carefully.

index form

After completing the form, we can click on submit and submit your blog for Google News Indexing.

Submit news

Once submitted, the URL of our website will be added to the Google News Index. Whenever Google will find any of our article trending and relevant. At that time, our blog will be seen in Google Trends.

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