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75,000 online fraud with woman in Mumbai, know how to escape?

There are many reports of fraud online online. Many people lose their hard earned money due to online shopping and transaction. The latest case is of Borivali in Mumbai. In Mumbai, a 26-year-old woman became a victim of online fraud and lost 75 thousand rupees. An unknown person committed this fraud by becoming an employee of the online shopping portal Customer Service.


According to a news report in Hindustan Times, the woman took a saree of Rs 1,100. When she was delivered, it turned out to be defaced. When the woman called the company's customer care, the customer care person asked for the bank account number and IFSC code. On 25 March, the woman  received a message say that 75,000 rupees had been withdrawn from her account. Later, it was discovered that the fraud was done by cloning the ATM card of the woman.

According to data from the National Crime Records Bureau, there were 1191 cases of online fraud in 2015-16, 1372 in 2016-17 and 2059 in 2017-18. In 2014, 9,622 cyber fraud cases were registered.

How to avoid online fraud?

* Customer care executives of the bank do not ask for your personal information over phone or email
* Do not put your personal information on non-trusted sites
 * Do not share your banking or debit password and PIN or account number with anyone
* Change password after every few months
* Do not create someone else's password
* Do not share OTP with anyone
* If you are shopping with a debit card, then use the information given from your phone network, not the information from public Wi-Fi.
  Must take the transaction receipt
 * Check your bank statement after online shopping
What to do if you get fraudulent online?
According to the RBI, if you have been a victim of fraud, then you will have to inform your bank within three days.

After this, the bank will investigate the matter and see that due to your mistake, the money has been transferred to another account or you have been a victim of fraud or someone has withdrawn money from your account.

If you are a victim of cyber fraud, the bank will make up for the stolen money. But this compensation will be based on certain conditions.

First of all close your account, card and internet banking. After this, file a complaint of fraud with the police.

Take a copy of the FIR in the bank. Based on this, the bank will investigate the fraud.
If the customer goes to the bank after seven days with a complaint of fraud, then the bank's board will decide on it.


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