What Is Digital Marketing And Its Benifits

What Is Digital Marketing And Its Benifits : 

Hello friends ! as you know that on this platform we are constantly trying to teach you something new and today we will tell you what is digital marketing ?

Friends, we need to know what is digital marketing  because nowadays most of the work is done online and in the coming few years all the work will be online.

As you know today, everyone keeps searching online, whether they want to buy or sell anything.

Today 75-80% of people shop online. Such as mobile recharge, ticket booking, light bill, money transaction etc. Digital marketing becomes necessary in every business.

In simple words, We can say that digital marketing is said to make your business online. Ok, Let's talk about What is digital marketing step by step in English.

What Is Digital Marketing And Its Benifits
 What Is Digital Marketing And Its Benifits

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing through computers, laptops, internet, electronic media, it is also called online marketing. In online marketing, people can give 

their products and services to their customers online.

In 1980 some efforts were first made towards the trend of digital marketing but it could not be possible. Then ten years later, in the last of 1990, the name of

online marketing was further used. Online marketing is the quickest way to reach new customers quickly. It is the job of online marketing to reach more people

in less time. It is a technological development area.

Online marketing is much cheaper than print advertising and online marketing shows advertisements to people according to their interest and needs, which 

reduces the cost of advertising. As people spend more time in front of the phone, digital marketing has become the most important foundation for reaching 

customers in an effective way. Online marketing targets all types of electronic devices from laptops, computers to smartphones. To grow a business online 

and engage the audience, you have to use many types of online marketing.

Why Digital or Online marketing is important?

Digital marketing is required to stay in business in todays digital world. You must be watching online marketing is increasing day by day. If seen,

digital marketing is a tool which is good in less time and less cost. Can give results before, people used to use newspapers, posters, pamphlets etc. 

But today people believe that online marketing is increasing rapidly.

Nowadays people have less time, so digital marketing is needed. Every person is connected to the Internet, they are using it in many places. If you 

ask to meet someone, he will say that I do not have time, but he will have no problem talking to you on social media. Given all these things, digital

marketing is making a rapid place in this era.

Types of online or Digital marketing

Let me tell you that 'Internet' is the only means to do digital marketing. On the Internet itself, we can do digital marketing through different webpages.

Some of its important types are mentioned below :

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is a technical medium without which you cannot do anything in online marketing. It indexes your site in Google's search engine, so that your site

ranks on Google and your business quickly rises. There are many ways to do SEO, some of which are given below -


– Title tag

This tag tells the search engine what your page or website is about. This tag should be 35-50 characters long. And if you keep the title and tag of your

website the same, then you can rank soon.


– Meta tag

 In this tag, you have to tell your service in less words.

– Sub heading

This helps the search engines and people easily understand what your post is about.

2. social media

 Social media is a platform where friends and relatives are connected. There are some social media platforms - like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

 Through this, you can ask your work to thousands of people. You are well aware of social media.

3 Email Marketing

When a company reaches its services through email, it is called email marketing. Email marketing is essential for every merchant so that whenever a new offer or service runs, it is easily known to the people.

4 Affiliate Marketing

It is a tool that makes people get rewarded by paying some percent money. Affiliate marketing is the part of digital marketing in which you sell a link or advertisement of other service to your website, blog, then it also gives you some of that profit.

5 apps marketing

Apps marketing is a form of online marketing in which you can promote your product by making apps. In today's era, everyone has a phone, in such a way, you can expand business through you.


6 Google Advertising

Google Advertising is a pay-per-click platform in which Google shows its advertisements on its network. Google Advertising was launched in October 2000.

7 Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is the part of digital marketing in which you will be charged for showing your advertisement to the logo. But when this charge is made, then when someone comes to your service through your advertisement, the money is deducted from your account as soon as it is clicked, this is called pay per click.

8 Microsoft Advertising

   It is also an advertising platform. You may have heard the name of Yahoo and Microsoft advertises on it. Today, Bing is second after Google. Today's time of .Bing is about 135 million searches.

What are the benefits of online marketing

In digital marketing, you can know which platform has the most crowd, then you can place your advertisement on that platform so that your business can reach more people. And you know how many people have seen the advertisement. This will save you money and business will also increase.

Online marketing is such an invention in which we can know what people want or what is their interest. And then according to that they can give their favorite service, goods, etc., which will make the customer happy and your business will grow faster.

Conclusion (What is Digital Marketing)

Today we talked about what digital marketing is. Nowadays digital marketing has become such a means that everyone wants to reach their business or service through online medium. And for this, digital marketing is the only simple means to keep a good synergy between the consumer and the merchant. Digital marketing is the only unique part of modernity.

If you have understood very well that you are satisfied with what digital marketing is then talk to us by commenting. Share it if you liked it. Thank you!

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