Future Perfect Tense definition with examples

 Future Perfect Tense definition with examples

Definition: The future perfect tense refers to a completed action in the future. It expresses a sense of completion of an action which will occur in future.

Example: Ram will have gone tomorrow. It shows a sense of completion of an action (go) which will occur in future (tomorrow).

Definition in Hindi For Indian Users:
पहचान: इन वाक्यों के अंत में  चुका होगा /चुकी होगी/चुके होंगे आता है।
जैसे: Sub ने ऐसा… कर लिया होगा/कर दिया होगा/ Sub ऐसा कर चुका  होगा।
राम जा चुका होगा।
वे खेलने जा चुके होंगे ।
सीता पढने जा चुकी होगी।
राम ने खाना खा लिया होगा।
सीता ने पेड़ों मैं पानी डाल  दिया होगा।

This Tense Can Be Used In 1 Case:

1. Refers to a completed action in the future. When we use this tense we are projecting ourselves forward into the future and looking back at an action that will be completed some time later than now. It is most often used with a time expression.

1. I will have been here for six months on June 23rd.
2. By the time you read this I will have left.

Rule For How To Make Tense:

If Sub=I, You, Singular(एकवचन) or Plural(बहुवचन) (for all subjects)

1. Sub+will+have+Verb 3rd form
2. Sub+won’t+have+Verb 3rd form
3. How+will+Sub+have+Verb 3rd form
4. Why+won’t+Sub+have+Verb 3rd form

More Examples:


  • The teacher will have taught French.
  • I will have informed him everything.
  • She will have written the lyric.
  • The children will have reached market.
  • She will have proved her honesty.


  • She will not have got so much cold before.
  • They will not have submitted their applications.
  • The government will not have been kind to the citizen.
  • I will not have felt so hungry.
  • It will not have rained for two years.


  • Will you have had your dinner?
  • Will she have withdrawn her money?
  • Why will they have left the city?
  • Why will you have been there?
  • What will they have decided by then?

Example In Hindi And English :

1. Affirmative Sentence Example :

  • वे सुबह तक जा चुके होंगे।
    They will have gone by the morning.
  • वर्षा आरंभ होने से पहले वह घर पहुंच चूका होगा।
    He will have reached home before the rain starts.
  • तुम कल तक पेरिस पहुंच चुके होंगे।
    you will have reached Paris by tommorow.
  • हम युद्ध जीत चुके होंगे।
    We shall have won the battle.
  • अगले मार्च तक उनकी परीक्षा शुरू हो चुकी होगी।
    Their examination will have started by next March.
  • वे दार्जिलिंग के दृश्य देख चुके होंगे।
    They will have seen the scenery or Darjeeling.
  • वह एक नया सूट सिल्वा चूका होगा।
    He will have got a new suit tailored.
  • तुम अपने उद्देश्य में सफल हो चुके होगे।
    You will have succeeded in your aim.
  • विश्वशांति स्थापित हो चुकी होगी।
    World Peace will have been established.

2. Negative Sentence Example :

  • मैं अगले साल तक व्यस्क नहीं बन चूका हूँगा।
    I shall not have become an adult by the next year.
  • आप अगले साल तक मकान नहीं बना चुके होंगे।
    You will not have built your house by next year.
  • आप कल तक अपनी यात्रा पूरी नहीं कर चुके होंगे।
    You will nt have completed your journey by tommorow.
  • तीर्थ यात्री पवित्र गंगा में स्नान नहीं कर चुके होंगे।
    The pilgrims will not have bathed in the holy Ganges.
  • हम सब कुछ नष्ट नहीं कर सके होंगे।
    We shall not have destroyed everything.
  • आप तब तक नौकरी प्राप्त नहीं कर चुके होंगे।
    You will not have found an employment by them.
  • वह राहुल को शतरंज की बाजी हर नहीं चूका होगा।
    He will not have defeated Rahul in a game of Chess.
  • वह एक महीने के अंदर वापस नहीं आ चुकी होगी।
    She will not have returned within one month.

3. Interrogative Sentence Example :

  • क्या मैं आपके आने तक नहा चुका होंगा?
    Shall I have taken bath by the time you come?
  • क्या वह एक साल तक शादी कर चुकी होगी?
    Will she have married within one year?
  • क्या मैं तीन साल तक स्कूल में प्रवेश नहीं पा चुका होंगा?
    Shall I not have joined school by three years?
  • क्या वे आपसी मतभेद समाप्त नहीं कर चुके होंगे?
    Will they not have sorted out their differences?
  • क्या रजत अगली फरवरी तक शादी नहीं कर चूका होगा?
    Will Rajat not have got marries by next Ferbaury?
  • क्या वह अपनी वीरता दिखा चुकी होगी?
    Will she have displayed my bravery?
  • क्या मैं 2002 तक विश्व सुंदरी बन चुकी होंगी?
    Will she have become Beauty Queen-1996?
  • क्या सुषमा अपने भाई को सुधार नहीं चुकी होगी?
    Will Sushma not have reformed her brother?

Exercise for practice :

  1. क्या न्यायालय अपना निर्णय सुना चुका होगा?
  2. वह समस्या का समाधान खोज चुका होगा।
  3. क्या वह साधारण कठिनाईयों से डर गया होगा?
  4. हम सभी मिलकर अपना विरोध प्रकट नहीं कर चुके होंगे।
  5. क्या हम अँधेरा होने से पहले वहां पहुंच चुके होंगे?

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